Sunday, March 4, 2012

Homework in the News March 4, 2012

Change is possible. See what happened in the UK.  Interestingly, the article refers to the anti-homework movement here in the United States. I think the movement looks more vital from abroad than it actually is. We have countless cities, towns, and hamlets, each with their own school boards and policies regarding homework. Sure, efforts at reform have been made in select places but, by and large, homework policy still dominates our lives. The message we can take from what happened in the UK is that groups of people can have an effect. Right now, I suspect there are just as many people who want more homework as there are who want less, and that the average person, regardless of his or her opinion, does not feel it strongly enough to take action. Most likely, parent-teacher organizations have stronger representation from the pro homework crowd, so it is important, if homework is upending your life, that you come out, discuss the problem, and garner some support.  In my own case, I would not have realized how damaging homework can be had I had two rather than three children. It’s the type of issue that doesn’t get to you unless it does. Then, you run the risk of being slotted into the wrong category as a discontented parent who fails to understand your kid. To make change, it is important to come out and speak out. But it is also important to speak to other parents, hear their stories, and enlist their help in fostering change.  For more information on the homework trap, visit my website.

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