Monday, March 5, 2012

Homework in the News 3/5/12

I did not find any articles I really wanted to comment on today. There are several articles on how the schools in Los Angeles are continuing their efforts to reevaluate homework policy. And there are more articles commenting on how the Minister of Education in Great Britain has backed down, under public pressure, from rules mandating large amounts of homework. Perhaps, the most encouraging, budding news, is happening here in New Jersey. Someone I know has taken 25 books and has begun to distribute them among people in her community. People are willing to reimburse her the cost of the books, and she is getting ready to give one to the principal of her child's school. I am watching what happens very carefully. It is my true belief that it will only take a few homework-trapped and homework-concerned parents to get together to get the ear of the schools. Frankly, I think the schools will welcome the concept as soon as they realize how it will help curtail, education-interfering behavioral problems, manufactured by homework demands. Stayed tuned and I'll let everyone know how her efforts pan .  Click here to learn more about The Homework Trap.

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