Tuesday, October 9, 2012

In today's New York Times

Here's a front page article today's New York Times: Attention Disorder or Not: Pills to Help in School. Notice the omission of homework as a driving force.  Here is the comment I submitted to the New York Times:

The word “homework” is mentioned only once in this entire article. This is a telling omission since homework  policy is, in part, the driving force behind this problem. If it were not for homework, and the excessive weight we give it, the landscape would be different. Children would have an opportunity to blow off steam after school, eat and sleep better, and be more prepared for the next school day. Children who are truly afflicted with ADHD would be easier to spot and treated accordingly. There are numerous studies to show that homework has limited value. There are cross cultural comparisons that show that children in homework-light countries generally fare better than children in societies with homework-heavy policies. The omission of homework as a central piece to this stories parallels the omission of homework as a central component of teacher education, at both the college and the continuing education levels.

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