Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Knowing that you are in the homework trap

Here are ten questions to ask yourself to find out if you are in the homework trap:
  1. Do you spend hours every night fighting with your child over homework that does not get done?
  2. Will your child endure almost any punishment rather than complete his homework?
  3. Even when your child tries, does he seem to get very little done?
  4. Does your child push you away when you try to help?
  5. Does your child come home from school without his assignments?
  6. If your child does his homework, does he fail to take it in?
  7. If he takes his homework to school, does he fail to turn it in?
  8. Was he once eager and interested in school?
  9. Do parent-teacher conferences get you nowhere?
  10. Do you think about homework nearly all the time?
If this describes your life, read the different articles on this blog and visit my website, The Homework Trap.

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