Saturday, June 16, 2012

Differences in Homework Criticism

As my followers know, I am strongly in favor of the petition being submitted to the National PTA this coming Wednesday by the Race to Nowhere team. That said, there are some substantial differences between my model for homework reform and what is proposed in the petition. I consider the current resolution extremely important because it includes an extremely rational view for good homework practices and because it brings the PTA into an important role it has not assumed before.

Today is not a good day for me to expand on the differences in vision to which I refer, but I will direct the reader to an interview I did with Michael Shaughnessy posted on March 23, 2012 in Education News. This interview highlights some of my fundamental concepts including the distinction between parents and teachers in determining what constitutes good homework.

In a later post, I will explain my position in more depth.

Dr. Kenneth Goldberg is a clinical psychologist with 35 years of professional experience in dealing with many different psychological issues. He is the author of The Homework Trap: How to Save the Sanity of Parents, Students and Teachers and currently works in his own private practice.

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