Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Too Much Homework

Writer asks for feedback about how much homework is too much homework.

You can post your answer there.  Here's the response I posted:

My answer to this question is addressed on my website,, but here is the quick version. Homework is too much homework if it is measured by the assignment, not the clock, and if it exceeds what the parent agrees to allow.
The first concept deals with budgeting. If I buy a car, do I buy the car I like or the car I can afford? Current homework policy gives teachers an open-ended line of credit on time at home.  Is the diorama assigned in addition to or instead of other homework. Let the teachers decide what makes most sense, a diorama, spelling words, reading assignments, or math, as long as there is a true time limit on the homework session.
The second issue is organizational structures. Teachers are in charge of the class. Parents are in charge of the home. Homework traverses those boundaries, assigned by the school to be done in the home. That’s okay as long as the parent has the final say as the head of the home, and that’s one major problem with homework, since the grading system exacts severe punishments for work not done. Parents need the authority to overrule assignments without serious penalty for their children. Kenneth Goldberg, Ph.D.

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