Thursday, May 3, 2012

On homework excuses

I saw this article and am offering this question/response:

"I saw your column on excuses for not doing homework. I have a question for you, the same question I ask most teachers when I come across comments about students making up excuses or acting inappropriately when challenged over homework (in one recent article, a high school teacher reported that she was told to “suck my d***, when she confronted a student for not doing his homework). What would your reaction be if the student were to say either “I didn’t understand what I had to do,” or “I ran out of time.” The norm in the field, which I believe is attributed to Harris Cooper of Duke University, is ten minutes per night per grade. So if the third grade student stared blankly at the paper for thirty minutes, at a loss, or if the 9th grade student realized that he could use his 90 minutes to complete the assignment for his other teachers, where he understood what he had to do, and left your assignment undone because he found it too confusing, what do you think would be the appropriate response: a zero for work not done?"

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