Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Book Reviews

I was just honored to receive two, pre-publication reviews of my book, "The Homework Trap," one by Etta Kralovec and one by Sara Bennett. Ever since Sputnik, our country has been on a mission to improve its educational system so that we can better compete with other countries around the world. With that movement, in stages, we kept increasing our children's homework load. Dr. Kralovec was a pioneer of the anti-homework movement, speaking out in 2001 in her co-authored book, "The End of Homework." Her book stood alone among books that were available to the public, challenging this homework madness. In 2007, Ms. Bennett, a parent, released her volume, further questioning what we were doing to our kids. I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Kralovec and Ms. Bennett in 2007, when Dr. Kralovec invited me to participate on a homework panel she organized at the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association. Their reviews are posted on my website.

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